AGS has created a fluid and connected organization where its employees can truly collaborate. Each business area has a focus on innovation, whether it be R&D, Manufacturing, Sales or Purchasing.

We work to empower our people to help them build open minded solutions together.

Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture

Our people hold the right combination of technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit to undertake the most challenging projects. AGS employees come from a number of diverse industries and we rely on their expertise to help us seize the opportunities of tomorrow. The culture at AGS is one that fosters an inclusive environment, equally respectful of all ideas, to ensure continuous improvements to our products and processes.

Man of Year


AGS is dedicated to developing new processes, materials and technologies to support our customers. We are proud to work with North America’s leading universities, technical business innovators and partner with government, to undertake award-winning research and development activities in areas in advanced manufacturing and new materials.


Practical Innovation

AGS is always finding new ways of applying existing technologies. In particular, we are excited about using the know-how of outside industries such as aerospace and morphing their technologies to drive advancements in our automotive business.