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Our People: Our Most Valuable Asset

We decided long ago that AGS would break the mold of a traditional company structure by implementing a flat, ‘no-silo’ approach to our teams. As a result, we have been able to grow a culture of highly skilled and talented employees – conceivably the best in the industry.

No matter the stage in their career or role within the organization, we empower our people to contribute to decisions, both big and small. Our environment is one that encourages overcoming challenges in a collaborative manner, which in turn allows each of us to reach goals, faster.

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  • At AGS, our leadership is committed to continuous improvement initiatives and supporting our people. This is how we are so successful at achieving goals in product, service and process improvements. We know that real innovation can come from anywhere, even from ideas that ordinarily may be thought of as too radical or unusual.
  • Our organizational structure at AGS drives decision flow from across its people and not just from the ‘top-down’. Our focus is truly on results, that are normally achieved through this interconnectivity of technology, teamwork and quality.
  • This is why we are a step ahead of the rest, as we continue to innovate over the competition.


In recent years, AGS has made major investments in Macomb County Michigan, both financially and through community workforce development. To fill the rapidly growing workforce needs, AGS turned to the local community, initiating a non-traditional recruitment process that benefitted both the company and the area residents. As a result, AGS’s employees come from a wide mix of cultural backgrounds which reflect its local surroundings.

One example of AGS’s recruitment efforts is their partnership with Michigan Staffing, a local temporary staffing agency, to employ Iraqi refugees. Detroit’s suburbs have absorbed tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees in recent years after violence erupted in the wake of the war. The number of Iraqi refugees arriving in Michigan nearly doubled in the last four years, with 2,751 arriving in 2014, many settling in Sterling Heights. Through teamwork, cooperation and by working to develop an understanding of each other’s needs and perspectives, AGS has been able to create a safe and productive environment that allows our employees to grow and develop. The success of our recruits is the success of AGS, and we are a better company because of this.

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Macomb County Business Awards Breakfast on February 27, 2018. THE MACOMB DAILY PHOTO GALLERY BY DAVID DALTON 
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