Message from J2

When we acquired AGS, our goal was to “change the landscape” of automotive manufacturing by delivering innovative products and processes while creating unique collaborative relationships. We are proud of the fact that our greatest strength lies in our people who work together to achieve results, nurtured in an open, transparent and respectful environment. We also strive to create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Thanks to the diversity of our team, we are able to leverage unique experiences, perspectives and expertise that help us compete as a world-class Tier 1. We are also extremely proud of our organizational resilience which has enabled us to develop unique solutions to challenging issues. In business and our communities, we will continue to work with the same priorities and passion as we have done in our journey to date.

Quality in Manufacturing

We integrate tried-and-tested quality principles into everything we do to provide superior value for our customers, employees, stakeholders and communities.

Committed to Technology

Innovation and creativity are the fundamentals of our technological competency. With strategic investments in research and development, as well as advancements in product applications, we provide our customers with exceptional value and boundless possibilities.

Strength in Teamwork

Our people are great at solving complex problems thanks to their creativity and teamwork in reaching goals together. This has helped us to overcome some unique challenges within the industry, and to surpass our customer expectations of quality and cost competitiveness.