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Social and Corporate Responsibility

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Heart & Stroke

AGS has established many valuable partnerships with industry, academia, government and the communities where we work. We are actively committed to leveraging our core expertise in achieving the best possible solutions to the challenges that face not only our organization, but our industry as a whole.

While the business partnerships have enabled us to undertake important commercial and industry-related goals, our commitment to being a sustainable and socially responsible business has provided some positive and meaningful differences in the communities around us.

In addition, it is vitally important at AGS Automotive Systems not simply to follow the law, but to do what is right. AGS has an Integrity Code that sets out guidelines to support our employees in dealing with all stakeholders, both internal and external, with integrity and ethical practices. The basis of the general rules of conduct is based on the principle of acting in an honest, courteous and professional manner treating others with dignity and respect, and behaving in a manner that fosters cooperation and teamwork. The Integrity Code covers the following areas: General Rules of Conduct; Dealing with Third Parties; Outside Activities; Company Property; Enforcement of the Code; AGS’s commitment to its Employees.

Learn more about our commitment to industry and the communities where we work:

Our work environment is special. AGS is a company recognized by its people, customers and partners for its highly collaborative approach to doing business. At AGS, we foster a creative, no-ego environment, empowering employees to build on ideas for better and more rounded solutions. We are committed to inclusiveness, diversity and ensuring that we are gender balanced. AGS strives to be an inviting workplace, where ideas are formed through a network of different backgrounds and experiences. Learn More ›

AGS creates automotive products that positively contribute to solving environmental issues around reducing emissions and enhancing fuel economy standards. In addition to our core business, we have an ongoing commitment to meeting environmental regulations and standards to help in achieving a more sustainable future.

AGS also is undertaking an aggressive resource reduction initiative to meet a goal of 50% reduction over 5 years in 5 different categories: electricity, gas, water, chemical use and non-production waste.

We know it’s an aggressive target, but we also know it’s one that encourages innovation and continuous improvement. We strive to be environmental leaders and stewards, and work to ensure “sustainability” while reducing our impact on the environment as well as our carbon footprint.

Robust environmental management systems

  • AGS has long employed effective management of environmental issues through a robust environmental management system (EMS).
  • We are proud to have passed upgrade audits with no nonconformances or opportunities for improvement
  • All AGS plants are certified/registered to the new 2015 version of ISO14001

For AGS, “sustainability” means carrying out the activities related to the manufacture of our products while:

1)  maximizing the opportunities associated with improving our processes and products;

2) minimizing impact to the environment, with particular emphasis on carbon footprint reduction; and

3) enhancing our employees’ work experiences

all in a way which is financially feasible for the indefinite future.   We strive to actively do good, not just for our organization and its customers, but also for our communities, our employees and future generations.

AGS strives to be a socially responsible and sustainable organization. We are committed to upholding fundamental principles for business ethics, human rights and working conditions, and the environment, and in so doing, at a minimum, to comply with all applicable laws.  AGS is also proud to endorse the AIAG Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performance in the Supply Chain.

Additionally, AGS’s parent company,  J2 Management, has signed an aspirational sustainability pledge, to demonstrate a comprehensive social responsibility program by 2025, and to commit to carbon neutrality by 2035, relevant to products and services the J2 Management group of companies provides to our customer, which account for a substantial amount of our total emissions.

Our people are dedicated to making a positive and meaningful difference in the communities where we do business. Through financial support and volunteer initiatives, we work closely with some very important charities and non-profit organizations.

Some recent examples include fundraising and corporate events for

  • Cancer Research and Heart and Stroke
  • Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Manulife Heart & Stroke Walk/Run
  • Racing for Cancer

Community Service and Volunteer:

  • Scarborough Social Community Services
  • Volunteer for Seniors / Be a Santa to a Senior
  • The Good Shepherd
Public Policy #1
Public Policy #2
SelectUSA 2015 Canada Conference. November 17, 2015. Toronto, Canada.  (photo: Josh Fee/Vito Amati Photography)
Public Policy #4

AGS has been a significant contributor towards common goals and interests within the North American automotive supply chain. We are an active and responsible business, helping drive effective and efficient business processes through consultation, partnership and committee activities.

Our people have participated in various panels and work teams to provide input to government agencies on topics including:

  • Pension Reform
  • Labour and Employment Standards
  • Tax Reform Initiatives
  • Financial and Business offerings from EDC and BDC
  • Government Innovation Programs
  • International Expansion and Partnership Opportunities

AGS also participates in key industry associations, organizations and committees including:


Major involvement in the APMA including Membership on the Board of Directors, NAFTA Committee and past Chair.

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Members of the National & Provincial Tax Committee, Ontario Board of Directors and Ontario Finance Committee


Member of Finance Committee.

Tax Executives Institute

Serving the Toronto Chapter Board and a member of the U.S. Reform
Task Force